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Cabinet Refinishing Boulder for cabinet refinishing in Kansas Boulder Co.

If you’d like to upgrade your kitchen design, you don’t have to spend your savings on a full remodel. You can modernize your space just by repainting your kitchen cabinets, cupboards, or pantry. Cabinet Refinishing Boulder can handle your cabinet refinishing work with the utmost care. You can trust our Boulder Co. cabinet refinishing pros to make your cabinets look new and stylish – and we’ll do it right away.
Contact Cabinet Refinishing Boulder now to ask about our cabinet refinishing work in Boulder, Co. Even if you’re not sure how you want your cabinets to look, we’ll help you choose a high-quality paint or stain to use, and thoroughly plan the results with you.

With years of use, a home’s cabinetry, especially kitchen cabinets, not only takes a beating but it shows over time. The cabinet refinishing services from Cabinet Refinishing Boulder. in Boulder, Co. can give your cabinets an updated and modern look when they start to lose the appearance and affect they used to have on the room. In a short matter of time our professional painters can take your cabinets from worn to brand new. We are able to paint or stain your cabinets to create any look your room needs with our cabinet refinishing services.
At Cabinet Refinishing Boulder. in Boulder, Co. our professional painters prefer to use two types of paint when painting cabinets: Water-based alkyd or oil-based alkyd enamels. The paint we use depends on the finish that is currently on your cabinets. Oil-based paints are much more durable and dry harder than water-based paints. They can be applied over previous oil-based paints or stained finishes. However, if your cabinets were painted with a water-based latex paint, they can’t be coated with oil based paints. Since latex paints are flexible and oil paint aren’t, the new finish would eventually crack and possible peel. For situations like this, we use the new water-based alkyd enamel paints. The offer the durability of an oil-based paint with the flexibility and easy clean-up of a water based paint. Whatever your situation, we have the right materials for the job!
If your cabinets have a stain and lacquer finish, we have a couple options for freshening them up. First, they can be painted, but if you like the look and color, we can clean, touch up the stain and apply a fresh coat of lacquer to them. The lacquers we use are much stronger than what your builder used. They will look nicer and last longer than they did before. We service all areas throughout Boulder, Co. Including: Denver Co. Aurora Co. Larkspur Co. Castle Pines Co., Loveland Colorado, Northglenn Co., Boulder co., Parker Co. . Lakewood Co. Jefferson County, Adams County and Douglas County Fort Collins Colorado, Colorado, Thornton CO, Arvada CO, Wheat Ridge, Broomfield CO, Brighton CO, and Cherry Hills Superior, Mead Colorado, .

As with all of our Boulder, Co. Cabinet painting services at Cabinet Refinishing Denver we prep the area when we begin a cabinet refinishing job. Our professional painters know that by taking the time to prep the area well, it leads to a better outcome and less time cleaning up mistakes that could have been avoided. We perform extensive masking and protection with our interior cabinet refinishing services to ensure our customers do not have to move out of their Boulder, Co. home or be significantly disrupted while we work. Typically, your doors, drawers and shelves are finished off-site, while the interior and exterior of the cabinets are finished in your home.
Our Boulder, Co professional kitchen cabinet painters can begin transforming your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to new and improved cabinets that will last for years. Call us today or Text us the number of doors and the number of drawers and we can get you a price right away. 303-591-2089

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